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GOING TO BIO BOSTON ??? - June 5-8, 2023 ??? We'll be there! To book half-hour Pre-Interviews, we'll be in Room 158 of the Boston Convention Center. Our pre-interview schedule is on the hour and half-hour ... Tuesday, June 6th, 10-5 Wednesday, June 7th, 10-5 Thursday, June 8th, 10-1 After reading below for qualifying interview guests, email: HOW TO BOOK GUESTS

In addition to the standalone BioTech Nation podcasts, each BioTech Nation interview also airs within the one-hour weekly Tech Nation public radio broadcast as well as its full-hour TN show podcast. For stories more relevant to Tech Nation, please visit Media Information at


Proposals for guest appearances should be emailed to with the essential story information and background on the guest to be interviewed. It is essential that the guest have suitable credentials to discuss the topics that are to be covered in the interview. Interview topics may include any aspect of biotech and its impact on society. Product development efforts should specify where they are in the science-to-approved-product life cycle. Products already marketed will also be considered.

SUCCESSFUL STRATEGIES for Booking Tech Nation Guests

Provide a detailed biography of the guest is essential. Traceable/verifiable credentials are a must.

Recognize that BioTech Nation has a general mainstream audience, as well as a Biotech Industry and Academic/Research audience. Avoid stories and guests best suited for the trade press, the financial media sector, or scientific publications.

Choose an appropriate interview guest or guests. Generally, this would be a President and/or CEO, the Founder(s), the Chief Scientific Officer, etc. Unless business development personnel have appropriate scientific credentials, they will not be considered.

Late-breaking news items are generally not appropriate.

Other than that, you can always ask!


Once interest has been established in interviewing a potential guest, a "story prep call" is scheduled via zoom. During this call, the story is determined, the appropriate mainstream language is identified, and the arc of the story is firmed up.

Interviews are then conducted either remotely or at the International BIO convention each summer.


For remote interviews, the guest needs a microphone and wired earphones, both connected to the guest's computer. (Sufficient USB-connected microphones for laptops can be purchased for under $100 on Amazon.)


A selection of BioTech Nation and/or Tech Nation underwriting options are available. Please contact with your interest.

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